New release: Waking Late Book 2

out-of-the-dell-cover-concept-5-1Laura Montgomery’s new book Out of the Dell is now available on Kindle.

On the planet Nwwwlf, in the lost colony of First Landing, the original settlers carved out one sylvan valley, a lone outpost where humans flourish. But their bright hopes and best intentions devolved over centuries into a rude replica of medieval feudalism.

Gilead Tan, who had been held captive for centuries in his sleeping cell, survived treachery and pain to free a small group of sleepers. But he and his friends now face the perils of life outside First Landing’s sanctuary–without their powered armor, their tools and technology, or anything else they need save for a few chickens.

Gilead must establish a safehold for his crew, but the alien environment does not welcome them and petty bickering threatens their meager resources. He hopes that a trace of smoke – spotted above a distant ridge – beckons them to a better place.

It doesn’t.

Out of the Dell

Sleeping Duty on Sale!

Montgomery Sleeping Duty Cover  Final 20160712-1Laura Montgomery’s Sleeping Duty is on sale for .99 cents until September 12.

Gilead Tan and Andrea Fielding survived their stint in the military, got married, signed up to emigrate to a terraformed colony world, and went into cold sleep for the journey from Earth. While they slept, the starship got lost and settled for a different world, a wild world. Three centuries after the founding of a colony on the uncharted planet, Gilead awakens to find humanity slipped back to medieval tech and a feudal structure. Worse, the king who wants Gilead awake won’t let Gilead awaken his wife.

New Release – Shifting Ice

shifting ice composite final

My latest paranormal novella, Shifting Ice (prequel to The Gods Defense) is available now on Amazon.

Kidnapped kids are the least of her problems…

Lion shifter Tyler Carmichael’s day starts with a telepathic cry for help from children shifters who have been kidnapped by scientists and even she’s not so cold as to leave children to suffer. Now she has to work with the wolves’ king Caesius to rescue them and stop the scientists permanently, before all of humanity finds out about shifters and magic.

But Tyler and Caesius have been teasing each other for years and the sexual games could be their undoing.

And the shifters’ magic isn’t the only kind at play.

Check out the excerpt on my page.


Far Flung released

Laura Montgomery’s Far Flung, a short story of a seastead, is now available for 99 cents!

In the very near future a seastead offers consumers a choice in governing systems. Navy Capt. Adam Tenney’s daughter takes that offer, but what can he do for her when pirates threaten the seastead, the U.S. refuses to recognize it, and he is trapped in a desk job on land?

FarFlung cover w JMNG changes

Far Flung




The Last Mage Guardian in a boxed set!

Twelve books of noblebright fantasy, in the boxed set Light in the Darkness. Now available for preorder at Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Kobo, and the Apple store. And the best part? It is only 99 cents!


And what is noblebright? Much like Human Wave. “Noblebright fantasy characters have the courage to risk kindness, honesty, integrity, and love; to fight against their own flaws and the darkness of the world around them; and to find hope in a grim world.”

Besides The Last Mage Guardian, I also have a never-before published short story, “Wolf of Shadows” in the collection.

Big Blue available for sale

Two monsters on a collision course with the fate of mankind hanging in the balance.

 Big Blue

A stolen submarine and an accidentally detonated nuke in Baffin Bay
releases something never seen before, a monster ten times the size of
Tyrannosaurus Rex, seemingly impervious to every weapon in mankind’s

Dread Shev’kha

Undersea Earthquakes in
the remote South Pacific of ever increasing magnitude, generating
massive tsunamis. A new continent arises and on that continent something
stirs, bringing madness in its wake.

From the novel:

“Hey, Doc,” Hadfield shouted at him when Damjan arrived. “Soon as we crest this ridge we should see it.”
“Okay,” Damjan said. He looked out through the windshield. Mud covered the ridge in front of them, just like it covered everything else.

The helicopter rose. The crest of the ridge dropped below them. The valley on the far side came into view. On the far slope, leading up to the ridge, something moved.

Damjan’s breath caught in his throat. His mind refused to believe what his eyes told him. The thing, the creature, was immense. A heavy carapace, almost two hundred feet across. Eight long, jointed legs protruded from the sides, like those of some giant spider, stretching another hundred feet to each side. At the front tentacles squirmed from the bottom of a bulbous head. Membranous wings extending from the back of the carapace completed the picture.

Wings? Nothing that big could fly. And even if it could it would need far bigger wings than that. Maybe they helped thermoregulation, like the sail on a Dimetrodon?

“That can’t be real,” Damjan said. “It’s impossible. It should be crushed under its own weight.” He bit down an overwhelming urge to giggle.

The helicopter plummeted, jerking a scream out of Damjan’s throat.

“What the hell?” Hadfield fought the controls. He glanced sideways. “Alex, what the fuck?”

Damjan stumbled in the bucking helicopter. In an instant of calm, he looked at the copilot in the left seat. Alex Keller, the helicopter’s copilot, was shoving hard at the stick, a look of unholy glee on his face.

“Alex, what are you doing?” Hadfield screamed.

“The Dread Lord!” Keller said. He heaved at the stick, causing the helicopter to buck despite Hadfield’s best efforts to keep them stable. “Doom has come. Better. Better to…”


Ivan the Purrable’s at it Again

Russian folk-lore meets urban fantasy in “Ivan the Purrable and the Twelfth Dancing Princess”, a stand-alone novella in the Alexi’s Tale series.ItPCvr

Stavros George “Steve” Zolnerovich – structural and materials engineering double major, pizza delivery driver, and firm dis-believer in Russian bogy-men, witches, and other such silliness.

Too bad for Steve. Baba Yaga, Chernobog, and Koschai the Deathless believe in him.

Can his brother and sister, and Ivan the Purrable, save him from the spirit realm? They’d better hurry. Steve is a magnet for trouble and Ivan the Purrable wants his tuna now.

New Book Coming Soon

New Novel Coming Soon:

Big Blue

Kaiju meets Eldritch Horror:

A stolen submarine and an accidentally detonated nuke in Baffin Bay releases something never seen before, a monster ten times the size of Tyrannosaurus Rex, seemingly impervious to every weapon in mankind’s arsenal.

Undersea Earthquakes in the remote South Pacific of ever increasing magnitude, generating massive tsunamis.  A new continent arises and on that continent something stirs, bringing madness in its wake.

Two monsters on a collision course with the fate of mankind hanging in the balance.

David L. Burkhead

Free Short Story Promo!

evie jones in top 10 snip

I put the first Evie, Evie Jones and the Crazy Exes up for free for three days as a birthday sale, and it has hit the top 10 in one of its subcategories!

The highest I’ve gotten it before was #2, I’m trying to get it to #1.

Meet Evie Jones, a young witch stumbling into adventures, fighting the rules of her authoritarian government, and bringing the fire to everything from her career to her love life.

And she thought her ex was evil…

Witch Evie Jones would rather drown her sorrows than babysit the weekend her ex is getting married, but she promised her friend she’d help. The night goes from bad to worse when a zombie crashes the party and TV bingewatching turns to terror. Now she’s in for the fight of both hers and her charge’s lives.

Check out the excerpt on my page and go here to get the free short.

Free book promotion

Starting today, for five days, Treva’s Children of the Knights of Aerioch series by David L. Burkhead will be available free.

From the story:

Talisa sat leaning back against a tree, her eyes closed.  Despite the warmth, the strange, unnatural warmth, she felt chilled to her core.  She could hear her people chatting as their fear of this unnatural spring in the midst of winter faded to be replaced with simple pleasure in the warmth, in the ripe pears and apples, and in the simple knowledge that the path behind them was now blocked, deferring for at time the Schahi threat.  She could smell venison cooking over a fire.

The sound of voices faded, as if, one by one, the people stopped talking.  The last voice faded, leaving only the sound of the brook and the popping of the fire.

Talisa opened her eyes.  On the far side of the brook a woman stood.  Tall, almost six feet, her straight brown hair falling alongside her neck to disappear behind her back.  She wore a brown tunic and trousers.  In her left hand she held a gnarled staff, fully eight feet long.  A fierce scowl creased her face.

Talisa stood.

The woman pointed her staff at Talisa. “This valley is sacred to Treva.  To defile it is death.”

Talisa’s mouth went dry.  She approached the woman. “We meant no harm.  Please, My Gracious Lady, allow us to rest until tomorrow and we will depart.”

The woman set the butt of her staff on the ground. “I am not your lady.  Your lives were forfeit when they crossed into this land.”

Talisa saw no pity in the woman’s eyes.  Treva, unlike the Threefold Twins, cared little for people.  She gave her love to the wild things of the world, to the plants and animals, the rocks and streams.  Still, Talisa tried once more to plead her case. “We did not come of our own free will.  The Schahi…”

“I am aware of those abominations.  The avalanche stopped them.  And yet you came hither anyway.”

Talisa stepped forward and dropped to her knees. “Please, I beg you.  If there must be a punishment, let it fall on me.  I lead these people.  It is my responsibility, not theirs.”

The woman stared at her for a long moment, then nodded. “Very well.  These your people may stay until the morning.  Your life I claim.” She turned. “Come with me.”